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Restoration and Education Centre Appeal

Building our new Restoration and Education Centre

Work has now started on this project, this shows the progress that is being made.

Phase One – Work Begins Jan 2015

The railway is delighted to announce that the construction of the external shell of the Restoration & Education Centre at Chinnor will begin. A supply and assembly contract was awarded to Redwing Structures for the basic steel and cladding structure on 22nd November 2014.

Our volunteers have recently prepared the ground, dug the foundations and installed a major rainwater soak away, to enable construction of the building to take place.

Although the railway still has to raise several thousand pounds over the Christmas period for the construction to begin, it is confident that the funding will be available to commence work in January 2015.

Phase Two - Windows and Track

To make the building watertight and to lay track inside, the railway has launched an appeal to raise £7,000 for the next phase of the project.

The building requires 14 Windows at £150 each and 200 Concrete Sleepers at £25 each; the rails that link the current sidings with the shed have already been generously donated.

If you are looking to give an unusual Christmas present, then a donation of £25 for a sleeper, made in the name of the receiver of your good wishes, will result in an entry on the scroll of honour and a certificate being issued for you to send on to them. A great gift idea and your recipient and you, will know how much you are helping to make the dream come true.

By supporting the much needed Restoration and Education Centre you will help to achieve a significant objective of our railway which will inspire visitors and provide a lasting legacy for all.

To donate, please use the link or donation form at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your assistance.

It has been a long term ambition of the railway since losing access to the Rugby Cement works packing shed at Chinnor to have an internal space for locomotive and carriage restoration, general maintenance area and a dedicated education/teaching facility at Chinnor.

Where we are now

With the redevelopment of the former Rugby Chinnor Cement Works by developer Taylor Wimpey who are creating a new housing estate of some 178 homes, comes an opportunity for us to achieve this goal and develop a Restoration and Education Centre (REC) and enhance the working environment.

The redevelopment of the former cement works will allow the railway to develop its car park to twice its original size, take ownership of the existing sidings (which it leased for many years), together with some additional land beyond the end of the existing sidings.

This redevelopment has given the Railway confidence to plan and invest in the construction of a new Restoration and Education Centre. For a number of years, the Railway had leased a shed on the cement works site but with the demolition of the works this facility was lost.

Planning approval was obtained on 12th July 2011; the new Restoration and Education Centre will be purpose-built to meet the Railway’s ongoing restoration and educational needs for many years to come. It will also include storage and engineering facilities which will allow engineers to work in the dry for the first time for a long while!

View of site showing position of Restoration and Education Centre, Chinnor Station and the new estate. Plan view of position of Restoration and Education Centre(Click for HiResolution PDF file)
Enlarged view of Restoration and Education Centre Showing Access Enlarged plan view of position of the Restoration and Education Centre showing access(Click for HiResolution PDF file)

The Restoration and Education Centre

The Planning application approved

A 48 x 10 x 5.5 (LxWxH) metre steel portal frame building with metal clad walls and roof. The roof will have 20% translucent roof lights to allow natural light into the building. The internal arrangement will allow a restoration road capable of taking two coaches or locomotives and a shorter maintenance road; complete with pit, for loco maintenance, examinations etc. Beyond the short road it will have room for two workshops (Engineering and Carriage and Wagon); a mezzanine level will provide an Education Centre and offices. Other amenities will include a kitchen and toilets.

A number of provisional estimates and construction methods have already been obtained and more detailed design work is ongoing. Now the Railway has reached an agreement with Taylor Wimpey we have surveyed the site to establish the final location. With the Planning Application being approved by South Oxfordshire District Council, the final costings of the development can be obtained.

And what it will cost

Estimates received suggest that we can build the bare shed for around £110,000 and the Agreement with Taylor Wimpey gives us the confidence to begin this Appeal so that we can get the basic building erected. To fully furnish with track work, floor, workshop and infrastructure a further £120,000 will be required.

Plan for the Restoration and Education Centre Plan for the Restoration and Education Centre Building(Click for HiResolution PDF file)

Below is a view showing the current status of the land where the proposed Restoration and Education Centre is due to be built. Shed Site.jpg

Your help!

The railway therefore is starting a big fund raising effort to complete this project - and the fund raising needs to start TODAY, as, at a minimum, the bare building needs to be fully constructed before the offices and houses are built adjacent to it.

If you would like to make a donation to the Restoration and Education Centre Appeal and to help this amazing development and our dream come true, then


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The fund currently stands at £104,260.34 as of April 2014.

Please contribute what you can so we can proceed with this as quickly as possible.

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